Anti-Phishing campaigns

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks and exposure of sensitive information with our simple, safe and informative Phishing services. We identify areas in your business that would benefit from cyber security training and raise staff awareness to the risks of Phishing attacks.

How It Works

Assess your company

Whether it’s a trusted internal service used everyday, or a popular website such as Facebook, we can test it. Every Phishing Campaign is tailored to your business needs, all you have to do is tell us which campaign you would like, who to send it to, and we look after the rest!

1. Agreement

Sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure any data collected is kept private.

2. Choose a campaign

Pick your campaign and send a list of email address that need testing.

3. Run tests

The Phishing Campaign goes live and data is collected over a 24 hour period.

4. Report

An in-depth, easy-to-follow report is generated containing the results of the test.

  • What you are now
  • Steps that must be taken to become safer from threats & Generally more secure
  • Recommended re-scan date
Generate report

Our informative, easy-to-follow reports show the behavior of each person when they receive the email and measures their cyber security awareness. The results highlight gaps in your workforce, showing you where training will be most effective at strengthening knowledge and awareness of the effects of cyber security. We also recommend a re-scan date, so your business stays secure.

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