Cyber Security Awareness Training

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks by raising your employee’s Cyber Security awareness through our easy-to-follow online training.

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Training Courses
Phishing Awareness

Phishing Awareness

Phishing is the biggest threat to online security and costs businesses their reputation and millions every year. Our Phishing awareness training gives staff a simple platform to learn about cyber threats and how to respond to them through easy-to-follow content.

Key Benefits

  • Improve staff response to threats
  • Proof of security training
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Reduce risk of a variety of threats
IT Security Awareness

IT Security Awareness

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks businesses are faced with every day. Our comprehensive Security awareness training is the easiest way to give staff the understanding of a wide range of security threats and practices while working in an IT environment.

Key Benefits

  • Improve general security knowledge of users
  • Reduce risk of losing sensitive data
  • Improve privacy awareness
  • Reduce unnecessary cost
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Choose the training module you’re interested in, get in touch and we’ll send a competitive quotation in no time at all.

2. setup

We setup your account and give selected users access to the courses.

3. Learn

Simply log into our training platform, select a course and start learning!

4. Certify

Certificates are issued when the course is completed and can be used to demonstrate that Cyber security awareness training has been carried out.

What you’ll learn

Increase your knowledge of cyber security threats you’re faced with everyday, learn how to identify them and take the correct steps to keep you, your company and clients safe online.

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