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Anti-Phishing campaigns are essential to your business to reduce the risk of attacks and exposure of sensitive information. Our simulated Phishing campaigns safely test how people react to suspicious emails and help you reduce the exposed risks by offering additional Cyber security user training.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure information is protected
  • Staff are more cyber security aware

  • Reduce the risk of attacks
  • Perfectly safe testing method
Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

On a daily basis, we’re all exposed to cyber security threats. Our online Cyber security awareness training gives your staff a quick and easy way of learning all aspects of cyber security through videos and questions relevant to real-world scenarios that everyone can relate to.

Key Benefits

  • Save your business time and money
  • Access to training at any time
  • Simple and easy-to-follow
  • Real World scenarios you can relate to
Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan

Cyber security is changing on a daily basis, and your business needs to stay up-to-date with the latest threats at all times. Our innovative vulnerability scans identify holes in your network and provide you with a report detailing the list of vulnerabilities found and what to do to fix them.

Key Benefits

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities
  • Find security holes in your business
  • Reduce the risk of attacks
  • Learn how to be more secure
  • Stay safe from attacks such as WannaCry
Penetration Test

Penetration Test

No matter how large your business is, you’ll have sensitive data such as client data that need to be kept safe and private. Our in-depth penetration tests are a cost effective way of identifying and fixing security weaknesses in your business before hackers can perform a malicious attack.

Key Benefits

  • Keep sensitive data safe from hackers
  • Identifies and fix security weaknesses
  • Reduce risk of future attacks
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Highly skilled ethical hackers used
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With over 20 years’ experience in computer cyber security, we know how to help. We’re honest, reliable and give you all the information you need to know about online security.
 If you are unsure or need any advice, please contact us.

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