Why Managers Need to Get on Board with Cybersecurity

With cybercrime on the rise and a whole range of businesses of all sizes being targeted by hackers and other cyber criminals, it’s no surprise that enforcing security measures in the workplace is more important than ever before. With an increasing number of security breaches taking place and some even leading to the demise of organisations, it’s not only important to ensure that business employees are fully on board with ensuring that the company’s data is secure, management staff and higher level employees should also be freely giving support and

buying in to a culture of cybersecurity at work.


Management Support

For employees to fully opt in to cyber security at work and realise the implications of not taking this seriously, it’s absolutely vital for management staff to be on board and offer their utmost support to any employees who have concerns about threats and risks or wish to learn more about cybersecurity, it’s importance and how to promote it. Managers should be approachable and willing to communicate with lower-level staff about how they can best work to keep the company data secure and be best equipped to deal with any potential security threats or risks. Since lower-level staff can often be targeted and it’s not something which is reserved only for those in higher position in a company, it’s important for management to give their full support.


Training and Education

It is the responsibility of management staff to provide employees with training and education not only about their jobs and job-specific tasks, but also on the subject of cybersecurity and how it effects the business as a whole. It is hugely important for managers to fully understand the implications of cybercrime on a business, and be aware that it is subject to constant change, rather than something which is static. Because of this, managers should be responsible for ensuring that employees are given regular, updated training in order to ensure that they’re able to best deal with any potential security threats and risks. This should also include making sure that they themselves are up to date with the latest in cybersecurity, something which is constantly being updated and modified in order to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals who are regularly updating their malicious malware and methods in order to gain access to company data and more.


How Managers Can Protect Your Company

When it comes to cybercrime targets, managers are often up there on the top of the list. Management staff tend to have more access to confidential data, such as customer or employee information, financial information and other areas and departments of a company which require a higher level of access. Because of this, they are amongst the top employees to be targeted in the event of a breach, for example through the use of phishing emails which could result in a serious issue. Because of this, it’s not only important for managers to promote cybersecurity throughout employees, but also in their own roles, too. Due to the fact that management and higher level staff members are more likely to be the target of a hacking or cybercrime attempt, it’s vital for them to fully understand what they can do directly in order to reduce risk.


Security Isn’t Always Digital

Another way in which managers can best support a culture of security at work is to realise and promote the fact that security isn’t only important when it comes to the digital side of things. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly bolder when it comes to accessing information and data which they shouldn’t – some attempts to hack into a company’s data and cause a breach have been carried out in person, for example by following somebody with access into a restricted area, or entering an office and switching USB drives and other hardware. Because of this, it’s not only important for managers to buy in and offer support when it comes to the digital side of things, it’s also crucial for them to understand that physical security is also often directly tied to cybersecurity.

When it comes to any security campaign in the workplace, it is vital for managers to be fronting it. In order to ensure that employees are fully on board and getting involved with ensuring company security, management staff should be leading by example. In order to effectively lead by example, management staff should fully involve themselves in the aspects of security and data protection. For management staff, understanding both the how and why of cybersecurity is vital in order for them to best lead the company.


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