Mark Zuckerberg’s Password Hacked, Could yours be?

Practice what you preach!


‘Dadada’ was Mark Zuckerberg’s password which was extracted from the linkedin data breach back in 2012. This attack was four years ago!


How often should we change our passwords?


We recommend that your password should be changed quarterly. Changing your password for some can be frustrating when so many online services rely on a user account being created. We don’t want to use passwords that are too complicated that we can’t remember them and write them down or store them in a text file on your computer. You need a good length password that should be around 12 characters that you can remember.


Using a high grade consumer workstation gave the following results when cracking passwords:


Passwords without using special characters:

9 characters        2 minutes
10 characters     2 hours
11 characters     6 days
12 characters     1 year
13 characters     64 years


Passwords using special characters:

8 characters        1 minute
9 characters        2 hours
10 characters     1 week
11 characters     2 years
12 characters     2 centuries


It doesn’t matter who you are, we all take shortcuts to make our lives easier. Especially online.
We all believe that our own password is strong and safe but with quicker processor speeds it doesn’t take very long to crack.


Take a look to see if your password is strong enough.


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