Readers ask: Which Of The Following Activities Poses The Greatest Personal Cybersecurity Risk?


Which of the following would pose the greatest threat to a user’s personal privacy if it were to be shared with the public?

Which of the following would pose the greatest threat to a user’s personal privacy if it were to be shared with the public? Internet of Things.

What kind of cybersecurity risks can be minimized by using a VPN?

What Kind Of Cybersecurity Risks Can Be Minimized By Using A Virtual Private Network ( VPN )? Use Of Insecure Wi-Fi Networks Key-logging De-anonymization By Network Operators Phishing Attacks Not Sure.

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Which aspect of the CIA triad ensures that data is protected from unauthorized or unintentional alteration?

Integrity measures protect information from unauthorized alteration. These measures provide assurance in the accuracy and completeness of data. The need to protect information includes both data that is stored on systems and data that is transmitted between systems such as email.

What does the https at the beginning of a URL denote as opposed to http without the S quizlet?

The “ https://” at the beginning of a URL denote the secure link.

What are the benefits of well named variables in a program?

Variables assist in making code more readable. Which of the following are benefits of well – named variables? -The program will be easier to read. -The program will be easier for others to debug.

Which of the following is an example of phishing quizlet?

An example of phishing is: setting up a fake medical website that asks users for confidential information.

What is the weakest link in cyber security?

You already know the weakest link of an organization’s security. In the People-Process-Technology triad, the weakest link is the employee of an organization. According to a report by HelpNet Security, 43% of UK and US employees have made errors resulting in cyber security repercussions for their organizations.

Why is it important to have a good understanding of information security policies and procedures?

Why is an information security policy is important? Creating an effective information security policy and ensuring compliance is a critical step in preventing security incidents like data leaks and data breaches. ISPs are important for new and established organizations.

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What is the most prolific cyber threat from IoT devices?

Password hacking – Attackers make single or several attempts to hack the user’s password using automated software. This software makes countless attempts until the right password is found. Tracking – IoT devices have UID and hackers can track each and every move of the user through this ID.

What three items are components of the CIA triad?

The CIA triad refers to an information security model made up of the three main components: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Each component represents a fundamental objective of information security.

How do you ensure CIA triad?

CIA Triad: Implementation Best Practices

  1. Categorize data and assets being handled based on their privacy requirements.
  2. Require data encryption and two-factor authentication to be basic security hygiene.
  3. Ensure that access control lists, file permissions and white lists are monitored and updated regularly.

Why do we need CIA triad?

The main purpose of cybersecurity is to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability ( CIA ) of data and services. CIA triad is essential in cybersecurity as it provides vital security features, helps in avoiding compliance issues, ensures business continuity, and prevents reputational damage to the organization.

What does a URL that starts with https signify?

If you see https, the session between the web server and the browser on the mobile device you are using is encrypted. You can easily identify web servers that have https configured by looking at the Uniform Resource Locator ( URL ) in the web address bar of your browser.

What does S on https at the beginning of a URL mean vs http without the s?

This can be addressed by using a secure version called HTTPS, where the ” S ” stands for secure. This involves the use of an SSL certificate — “SSL” stands for secure sockets layer — which creates a secure encrypted connection between the web server and the web browser. Without HTTPS, any data passed is insecure.

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What does the http at the beginning of a URL denote as opposed to http without the s?

What does the “https://” at the beginning of a URL denote, as opposed to “http://” ( without the “ s ”)? 1) That the site has special high definition. 2) That information entered into the site is encrypted.

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