Readers ask: Fidelis Cybersecurity What Does It Do?


What does Fidelis cybersecurity do?

Fidelis Cybersecurity is a cybersecurity company focused on threat detection, hunting, and targeted response of advanced threats and data breaches. Among its customers includes IBM, the United States Army and the United States Department of Commerce.

What is fidelis elevate?

Fidelis Elevate provides a terrain based cyber defense that shines a light on the blind spots in your environment and calculates your vulnerable attack surface. Now you know what to protect and the most probable paths of data exfiltration, command and control, surveillance and more.

What is Fidelis XPS?

Fidelis XPS. Fidelis is an Advance Threat Defense Company focused on Advanced Threat Management, Data Breach Detection, and Intelligent Network Forensics.

What is fidelis endpoint?

Fidelis Endpoint ® is designed for mature security operations seeking expert level visibility, advanced detection and investigation features, open threat intelligence feeds, and automated playbooks and scripts for detection and response against known and unknown advanced cyber threats.

What is fidelis tool?

Fidelis Elevate™ XDR Quickly detect, hunt and respond to threats while keeping your sensitive data safe. Fidelis Elevate combines contextual visibility, insight, and deep digital forensics to help seek, discover, and respond to known and unknown, malicious artifacts and activities hiding in your environment.

What is fidelis network?

Fidelis Network provides multiple sensors that can be placed throughout your network to detect advanced threats and enforce prevention policies.

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What is FireEye SmartVision?

FireEye SmartVision Edition is a network traffic analysis (NTA) solution that detects suspicious lateral traffic within an enterprise network.

How do I remove Fidelis endpoint platform?

Go to Start > Control Panel > Add/ Remove Programs. The Add/ Remove Programs screen is displayed. Scroll down the list of installed programs, select Websense Endpoint and click Remove. Click Yes in the confirmation message asking if you sure you want to delete the Websense Endpoint.

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