Quick Answer: Cybersecurity Roadmap What Is A Roadmap?


What are the 4 cyber domains?

Collier et al., (2013) divided cybersecurity into four domains: the physical domain (hardware and software); the information domain (confidentiality, integrity and availability of information); the cognitive domain (how information is perceived and analyzed); and the social domain (attention to ethics, social norms and

What is Gartner cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the combination of people, policies, processes and technologies employed by an enterprise to protect its cyber assets. Cybersecurity is optimized to levels that business leaders define, balancing the resources required with usability/manageability and the amount of risk offset.

How do you make a cybersecurity program?

How to Build a Cybersecurity Program from the Ground Up

  1. Identify all types of data and sensitive data you store.
  2. Define where that information is stored.
  3. Take record of all hardware and software devices in your network.
  4. Develop a plan to train employees and users on cybersecurity best practices.

What are 3 cyber domains?

Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret are three security domains used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), for example.

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What are 3 domains of information security?

The three primary tenets for information security governance and risk management are: confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA). The “CIA Triad” below outlines these three tenets.

How do I make a security roadmap?

Three critical elements should be built into your security roadmap process to enable success:

  1. Make it iterative. Building a roadmap is not a one-and-done project; it should be part of a continuous program strategy and operations cycle.
  2. Make it inclusive.
  3. Measure success.

What is a security roadmap?

A security program roadmap is essentially a strategy for implementing and executing security projects with the goal of reaching an ideal security program state.

What is a cybersecurity strategy?

A cybersecurity strategy is a high-level plan for how your organization will secure its assets during the next three to five years. This generally involves a shift from a reactive to proactive security approach, where you’re more focused on preventing cyber attacks and incidents than reacting to them after the fact.

What is the best online school for cyber security?

Best Online Cybersecurity Bachelor’s Programs

School Location
DeVry University New York, New York
Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ECPI University Virginia Beach, Virginia
Excelsior College Albany, New York


What makes a good cybersecurity program?

Cybersecurity is about making sure your organization’s data, and systems are safe from bad actors’ attacks. Hackers will keep getting better with time. An excellent place to start a cybersecurity program is identifying critical assets (sensitive data, users, devices) as part of an initial assessment.

What would you need to building a successful cyber defense program and team?

A five step process should include these key actions:

  1. Collaborate with your organization to understand your security strategy.
  2. Establish overarching security goals.
  3. Review, refine and close gaps in existing security plans and policies.
  4. Design a continuous assessment and monitoring program aligned with your strategy.
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What are the cyber domains?

Cyber Domain – A global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent networks of information. technology infrastructures and resident data, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and. embedded processors and controllers. The Security Domains.

What are 3 key ingredients for an excellent human firewall?

Three Key Elements for Building an Effective Human Firewall

  • Make People Care about Cybersecurity. A key element of building an effective human firewall is to make employees care about cybersecurity.
  • Build Awareness and Knowledge.
  • Measure and Monitor.

What is whale phishing?

Whaling is a highly targeted phishing attack – aimed at senior executives – masquerading as a legitimate email. Whaling is digitally enabled fraud through social engineering, designed to encourage victims to perform a secondary action, such as initiating a wire transfer of funds.

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