Often asked: What Does Equifax Do For Cybersecurity After Breach?


What did Equifax do after the breach?

Specifically, he says, Equifax’s most important post- breach initiatives included: Improving systems monitoring; Enhancing the security team’s communication with the C-suite; Changing the corporate culture by getting employees to recognize the importance of cybersecurity.

What happened in the Equifax Security Breach 2017?

It’s been a full year since Equifax announced that it suffered a hack affecting 147 million Americans. It was a Thursday afternoon when Equifax explained that hackers infiltrated its network and stole customer names, Social Security numbers, birthdates and addresses, affecting more than half the US population.

Has anyone received money from Equifax Settlement?

It’s been one year since the settlement involving tens of millions of victims of the colossal Equifax data breach received final approval and the deadline passed for filing initial claims. There’s still been no payout. Deadline looming for victims to claim compensation for Equifax data breach. Is it worth it?

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What would Equifax have done differently?

What could Equifax done differently that may have thwarted the breach? Specifically, they could have applied patches for known vulnerabilities in a standard patch update process. Or maybe, by adhering to the Framework, Equifax would not have suffered the breach in the first place.

Was my information leaked by Equifax?

If you want to check whether your data was exposed, the FTC and official settlement site have an online tool you can use to check if you were part of the Equifax breach. You’ll need to enter your last name and last six digits of your Social Security number to see if your data was part of the hack.

Who hacked Equifax?

According to the nine-count indictment handed down by the grand jury in Atlanta, four members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are alleged to have conspired to hack Equifax as computer systems and commit economic espionage.

Did TransUnion get hacked?

TransUnion says someone fraudulently accessed data using a customer’s login credentials. The personal information of about 37,000 Canadians held by TransUnion may have been compromised this past summer, leaving both of Canada’s credit monitoring agencies with data blemishes on their record.

What consumer information was stolen in the 2017 Equifax hack?

The hackers accessed people’s names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. They also stole credit card numbers for about 209,000 people and dispute documents with personal identifying information for about 182,000 people.

Should I give my sin to Equifax?

Equifax (1-800-465-7166) and TransUnion (1-800-663-9980). I’ve used both of them, but I wouldn’t blame you for double checking, as this is the internet and all. These are probably the safest people to give your SIN to.

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Who qualifies for Equifax Settlement?

If you paid expenses following the breach for personal information being exposed, you are eligible for compensation up to $20,000 per person. These expenses include: Losses from unauthorized charges to your accounts. The cost of freezing or unfreezing your credit report.

How do I check my Equifax Settlement status?

You can also log into your myEquifax account and view your status by clicking the “ check status of a dispute” button. If you are checking your status by mail or phone, please make sure you have the confirmation number that was provided to you when you submitted your dispute.

How much is an Equifax Settlement?

The company has agreed to a global settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and 50 U.S. states and territories. The settlement includes up to $425 million to help people affected by the data breach.

Why was the Equifax breach Bad?

Equifax has revealed the exact scope of the massive breach that exposed sensitive data about millions of Americans — including confirmation that thousands of passports and driver’s licenses were compromised along with the Social Security numbers of nearly all of the more than 146 million affected consumers.

What was the root cause of the Equifax breach?

The vulnerability that caused the breach was vulnerability Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638. Apache Struts is a popular framework for creating Java Web applications maintained by the Apache Software Foundation. The Foundation issued a statement announcing the vulnerability and released a patch on March 7, 2017.

Could effective use of CIS controls have prevented the Equifax breach?

Equifax ® breach could have been prevented by CIS Controls best practices. It may be that Equifax also failed to properly inventory all of their hardware and software ( CIS Controls 1 and 2) as well as conduct monitoring and analysis of audit logs ( CIS Control 6).

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