Often asked: What Does Cism Stand For In Cybersecurity?


Which is better CISM or Cissp?

The CISM certification is solely management-focused, while CISSP is both technical and managerial and designed for security leaders who design, engineer, implement and manage the overall security posture of an organization. CISSP is more widely known than CISM, with 136,428 CISSPs globally, compared with 28,000 CISMs.

How much does CISM certification cost?

How much does it cost to take the CISM exam? If you register early for the CISM exam, the cost is $525 for members and $710 for non-members. Final registration is $575 for members and $760 for non-members.

What level is CISM?

Exam Details

Certification CISM
Performance-based Questions No
Exam Length 4 Hours, 150 Questions
Experience Level Manager
Pre-requisites 5 years experience

Why is CISM important?

CISM certification allows people to become good risk analysts. They also keep checks on suspicious files. They track how these files interact and which employees have access to them. These tests become the last defense for the firms to solve their security issues.

Is CISM exam hard?

Both certifications are very difficult examinations: * CISM is 4 hours/150 questions= requires a score of 450 or more to pass.

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Who needs CISM?

To take the CISM exam, candidates possess a minimum of five years of experience working in information security, three of which must be in at least three of the listed domains. All experience must be obtained within the preceding 10-year period to qualify.

Can I take CISM exam online?

CISM certification exams can now be taken via online remote proctored or at an in-person testing center.

How long is CISM valid for?

What is the validity of the certification? CISM certification expires after three years from date of issue, after which the certification holder will need to renew their certification.

How long does it take to study for CISM?

If this is your first information security exam, give yourself at least ten hours to review and practice each of the four CISM domains. That’s 40 to 50 hours of focused study time.

What percentage do you need to pass CISM?

The first step is passing the exam, which consists of 150 questions to be completed within 4 hours. Scoring is on a scale of 200-800. A passing score is 450. It is important to note that the score is not based on an arithmetic or percent average.

What are the 4 CISM domains?

ISACA defines four CISM domains on which you will be examined:

  • Domain 1 – Information Security Governance (24% of exam)
  • Domain 2 – Information Risk Management (30% of exam)
  • Domain 3 – Information Security Program Development and Management (27% of exam)
  • Domain 4 – Information Security Incident Management (19% of exam)

What are the benefits of CISM certification?

Benefits of CISM Certification

  • Recognition of attainment of advanced job skills as required for an information security professional.
  • Worldwide recognition as an information security manager.
  • Confirms commitment to profession.
  • Provides access to valuable resources, such as peer networking and idea exchange.
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How do you get CISM?


  1. Pass the CISM Exam within the last 5 years.
  2. Have the relevant full-time work experience in the CISM Job Practice Areas.
  3. Submit the CISM Certification Application including Application Processing Fee.

What does CISM mean?

Certified Information Security Manager ( CISM ) is an advanced certification which indicates that an individual possesses the knowledge and experience required to develop and manage an enterprise information security (infosec) program.

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