FAQ: What Are The Three Foundational Principles Of The Cybersecurity World (choose Three.)?


What are the three access control security service?

The Three Types of Access Control Systems Access control systems come in three variations: Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Managed Access Control (MAC), and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

What are three methods that can be used to ensure confidentiality of information choose three select one or more?

Explanation: Methods including data encryption, username ID and password, and two factor authentication can be used to help ensure confidentiality of information. File permission control, version control, and backup are methods that can be used to help ensure integrity of information.

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What three tasks are accomplished by a comprehensive security policy?

What is a Comprehensive IT Security Policy? To ensure that you are effectively protecting your data, you need something that works to prevent breaches, detect potential threats, analyze suspicious activity, and provide remediation in the event that something does occur.

What is identified by the first dimension of the cybersecurity cube?

The first dimension of the cybersecurity cube identifies the goals to protect cyberspace. The goals identified in the first dimension are the foundational principles. These three principles are confidentiality, integrity, and availability, commonly referred to as the CIA Triad.

What are three access control security services choose three group of answer choices?

The concepts of AAA involve three security services: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. These services provide the primary framework to control access.

What would you recommend as the most effective way of access control in an organization?

Apply the least privilege access control – Most security experts will advise you that applying the least privilege rule is one of the best practices when setting up access control. In general terms, least privilege means that access should be granted only to persons who explicitly need to get it.

What three items are components of integrity of data choose three?

When we discuss data and information, we must consider the CIA triad. The CIA triad refers to an information security model made up of the three main components: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

What are the two methods that ensure confidentiality?

What are two methods that ensure confidentiality?

  • authorization.
  • availability.
  • nonrepudiation.
  • authentication.
  • integrity.
  • encryption. Explanation: Confidentiality means viewing of information only for those who need to know. This can be accomplished by encrypting data and authenticating users who request access.
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What are two common spam indicators?

What are two common indicators of spam mail? (Choose two.)

  • The email has keywords in it.
  • The email has misspelled words or punctuation errors or both.
  • The email is from your supervisor.
  • The email is from a friend.
  • The email has no subject line.
  • The email has an attachment that is a receipt for a recent purchase.

What are 10 guidelines that should be included in a comprehensive security system?

10 steps to a successful security policy

  • Identify your risks. What are your risks from inappropriate use?
  • Learn from others.
  • Make sure the policy conforms to legal requirements.
  • Level of security = level of risk.
  • Include staff in policy development.
  • Train your employees.
  • Get it in writing.
  • Set clear penalties and enforce them.

How do you implement cyber security policy?

How to implement a successful cybersecurity plan

  1. Assess the current state of the security environment.
  2. Monitor networks.
  3. Collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders.
  4. Set security measures and controls.
  5. Create a dynamic security culture.
  6. Consider DevSecOps.
  7. Review your budget.
  8. Be transparent.

Which are the three main types of users in a comprehensive security strategy?

The Big Three of a Comprehensive Security Strategy

  • Business Security.
  • Employee Security.
  • IT Security.

What are the three dimensions of cybersecurity?

The Three Dimensions These three principles are confidentiality, integrity and availability. The principles provide focus and enable cybersecurity specialists to prioritize actions in protecting the cyber world.

What is the best method to prevent Bluetooth from being exploited?

What is the best method to prevent Bluetooth from being exploited? Always disable Bluetooth when it is not actively used. A user is surfing the Internet using a laptop at a public WiFi cafe.

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What are three types of sensitive information?

There are three main types of sensitive information:

  • Personal Information. Also called PII (personally identifiable information ), personal information is any data that can be linked to a specific individual and used to facilitate identity theft.
  • Business Information.
  • Classified Information.

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