Covfefe – a lesson on social media risk

Donald Trump typo Tweet "Covfefe"“A late night tweet by the President of the United States highlights the risk of social media to business and personal users around the world. “



We live in an age where data is everywhere, we have access to information at all hours of the day and from an almost infinite array of sources.  We are connected day and night.  This connection has become so essential to our daily lives that posting to social media for many has become an extension of thought.  The number of posts I have seen on Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn of a personal, emotional or business nature are innumerable.  What is wrong with this though?  Isn’t this what social media is for? My answer (from a cyber security and risk standpoint) would be a resounding no!


Social media giants will encourage us to post everything and anything.  To keep our streams up to date with the latest information about our lives both positive and negative.  This has a downside though, what if you don’t want to the world to know the downside? Or worse, you post something in an emotional state that you later want to remove… Can you?  The tweet last night (covfefe) from Donald Trump is a simple illustration of how things once posted are very hard to delete.  The most powerful man in the world made a typo in a twitter post, which he then deleted…I have this post in this very article though.  So if the President of the United States cannot undo something once it is out there what chance do we have?


Lesson Learnt?

This is a great lesson in ‘think before you post’.  A cornerstone of any social media policy and of our general IT awareness training course.  Our businesses, employees, family and friends all need to be reminded that “what goes on the internet, stays on the internet”.


A simple message but with potentially very powerful ramifications if we do not heed it.

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