Penetration Test

Identify weaknesses in your business before a malicious attacker finds and exploits them.

Test your defences against hackers

We only use highly skilled ethical hackers to find weaknesses in your network with the intention of gaining access to your data.

Why do we stand out from the competition?


We only use OSCP, Tiger or C|EH qualified ethical hackers


We understand the concerns of our customers, so communication is a key part to our penetration tests.


Our team is friendly, professional, highly skilled and experienced.


We strive to meet all deadlines agreed and with our talented pool of hackers we won't let you down.


Do I need a penetration test?

Yes!  We can’t just rely on technology to keep us safe.  Penetration testers will use techniques to identify any weaknesses in your system.

What is an ethical hacker?

A ‘friendly’ hacker.  Known as white hat hackers. Their job is to break into your system before the hackers do.  The goal is to provide you information that will help reduce the risk of being attacked.

What do I get?

A highly qualified hacker to perform a penetration test and a comprehensive report detailing anything they find along with remediation advice.

Vulnerability Vs. Penetration test?

A vulnerability scan is a passive scan performed by software on your network to identify any vulnerabilities on your network.  A penetration test involves a highly skilled individual who not only finds vulnerabilities but tries to exploit them to gain access to your network and data.

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